Site Security

We put the issue of security at the topmost concern in how we are providing the convenient service of KAGUM E-Booking to you. KAGUM E-Booking utilizes SSL (Secure Socket Layer), the world’s premier leader in website safety technology that has a world-wide reputation in its reliability to identify secure websites.

You may rest assured that all the personal information you are submitting through us are encrypted through the Internet in the safest possible means. You may see the padlock sign shown on your browser that indicate that SSL technology is applied to secure the traffic of information moving through the website. However, at some occasions the padlock may not appear/be visible due to the frameset layout of the web page; the content part, in which the booking engine is displayed, will clearly indicate that SSL technology are applied to ensure the safety of your personal information.

In order to see this for yourself, please check the Reservation section on the web site again. Where the booking engine is displayed on screen, click on the right button of the mouse, now click on properties. You will see that the booking engine section confirms that it is in a secured environment. The link will show that it is a "https" hyperlink and not the standard "http", resulting in SSL data encryption. You can find more details of the certificate used to encrypt the data by clicking on the "Certificate" button.

Another way to verify that SSL data encryption is being used is to click on "View" and then "Source Code" in the Menu bar, located at the top of the browser.

Your safety is always our main concern.